Big Magic in the New Year

It’s a beautiful thing to birth something into the world at exactly the right time.

I often think about the book Big Magic and the way Elizabeth Gilbert views creativity and ideas. She believes they come from a realm of big magic. A place where ideas live as disembodied life-forms.

She sees ideas as entirely independent of us - just floating around on their own waiting to be interacted with.

When an idea thinks they’ve found someone who can bring them to life they try their best to get our attention, but most of the time it’s too hard to even notice they’re there.

Our lives leave very little space for new, big (or small) ideas to be heard.

Over the past year I’ve spent a lot more time slowing down and diving deeper into myself. I’ve noticed how my personal practices and experiences have expanded my ability to recognize and hear these visitors more clearly.

I was reminded of these lessons a few weeks ago when we launched a new idea into the world. Our 8-week women’s program began as a simple passionate desire to share important conversations within a free book club. It was only when I leaned in more fully that I was able to see what I was actually in service to. This simple idea was rooted in something so much bigger. But it required space and energy to expand into its full form.

In the first 72 hours of launching the program we filled all but 1 spot.
And in 1 week the program was sold out.

Following an idea all the way through at exactly the right time, in exactly the right place still feels rare. But I’ve noticed the more I commit to my own personal work the more accessible it’s becoming.

“But sometimes – rarely, but magnificently – there comes a day when you’re open and relaxed enough to actually receive something. Your defenses might slacken and your anxieties might ease, and then magic can slip through. The idea, sensing your openness, will start to do its work on you.” E.Gilbert

Today I’m writing to remind you that we all have access to big magic.

That the big (and small), crazy, brilliant ideas that could change you/someone/everything are out there waiting for you. But it’s your responsibility to listen and learn when to lean in more fully.
There's big magic out there waiting for us but we need the space to hear and feel it.

I'm convinced more than ever, in the power of self resourcing through simple practices and the profound impacts of a supportive community.

In the new year Alasdair and I have created a community experience to support you in recommitting to your practices, leaning into your intentions and breathing life into your gifts.

As we walk into the new year filled with possibilities and dreams I offer the words of Cynthia Bourgeault, "How you get there is where you will arrive."

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