Elemental Embodiment

A month long immersion exploring our connection

to Earth, Water, Fire + Air in our bodies.

Our bodies connect us

to the world around us.

Through this multi-part exploration with Krista, we will explore how intimate connection with nature starts with invoking the elements that reside in our bodies. 

Krista will guide us through a variety of perspectives, making your connection to your body + the elements one of curiosity, joy, and longevity!


Practicing  being present in our bodies with curiosity, we can discover how a  movement practice truly becomes a ritual of embodying the element.

We are nature - flowing between fertile and fallow, cycling through movements of stillness and expression. Understanding ourselves in relation to the elements can open the way for the wisdom Nature offers us.

An invitation to re-pattern the body & brain through an embodiment of the elemental nature that resides within you
Elemental Embodiment

Over the course of 1 month, you will experience your bones as earthy and solid;  your blood and emotions as flowing and watery;  your motivations, inspirations and digestive fortitude as firey and vibrant; and your breath and mind as breezy or still, like the wind.

We will contemplate which parts of our bodies resonate with each element, and put our focus and intention there to explore the messages both our bodies and nature have to teach us.

Understanding ourselves in relation to the elements can open the way for the wisdom Nature offers us.

Month long embodiment immersion

led by Krista Hagman

4 live sessions - 2 hour in length

weekly mini recordings to support building your personal practice

private whatsapp community

Next offering Fall 2024



Meet your experienced Facilitator
Krista Hagman
Krista's approach to embodiment and energy medicine graciously integrates ancient and modern wisdom and shamanic techniques, which both captivates the mind and nurtures the spirit. Her offerings emphasize self-adoration and exploration, creativity, rhythmic living, improvisation, and curiosity. She believes the human experience is meant to be expressive, wild, playful, and steeped in reverence.

Krista utilizes the improvisational/spontaneous nature of Contact Improv to help repattern the body and brain to respond from a place of support and freedom rather than habit. Allowing you to engage with your own embodiment and teach the body to feel safe, empowered, and free.

Chocolate -  It's all about love

Krista's Background

  • Bachelor's Degree

    Communication Studies

  • Master's Degree

    Applied Social Sciences

  • Yoga Teacher

    (ERYT - 500)

  • Education Provider

    for Yoga Alliance continuing Education (YACEP)

  • Kambo

    Master Practitioner & Trainer

  • Level 2 Facilitator

    Contact Beyond Contact (CBC)

  • Holographic Sound Healer

    Level 2 Practitioner

Connect with Krista at Freeing Bodies

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