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Your Financial Field Guide:


Every Wednesday @ 7pm EST starting October 21st and through November 28th 

At the age of 26 Alasdair quit his full-time job to travel the world living only on his savings. 

Today, he's still traveling and using the same systems that led to his financial freedom.

In this program he'll guide you through a 

5 part course that gives you the space, 

know-how, and support you need 

to take control of your finances so you can invest in your journey. 


You are meant for something greater, you are preparing for something later. 

Stories are powerful tools for change—they are also often what holds us back. In our first group session we’ll explore your money story and rewrite it to support the changes you want to make. You’ll dig deep to discover why this work matters to you so that you stay focused on the long game. 


Where attention goes, that’s what grows. 

Our attention is one of our most powerful assets. In this session we’ll explore how leveraging your attention grows your finances. You’ll learn and implement a powerful money habit that will give you clarity around your finances and have you making better decisions. 


Keep it stupid simple.

The secret to building wealth is designing a comprehensive system you trust that doesn’t rely on willpower. We’ll explore how thinking in systems can simplify your finances and move you toward goals faster. You’ll design and implement a personal financial system that reduces stress and puts YOU first.


More pain, more gain. 

For information to be useful, it must have the potential to change your behavior. We’ll explore how designing intentional feedback loops can help you profit even from your mistakes. You’ll learn and implement a monthly habit that allows you to learn from your mistakes, recognize patterns and make better long-term decisions. 


Live like no one else so you can live like yourself. 

Momentum is powerful. In our final week we’ll explore how habits, cumulative micro-decisions, and compounding interest deliver nonlinear results and how to harness their power in your favor. We’ll review the system you’ve built, put it all together and zoom out to look at the big picture.

What People Are Saying

"It will change your life dramatically!" -Fernando C

Alasdair's Story 

I was actually just meaning to email you because I was somehow $700 OVER my net goal for last month! Thank YOU for all of your guidance through this process! It's been such a powerful experience for me and I dare say, it works! ;)"

- Emily Schade

"It's been 1.5 years and I'm still using this system every month. As of October 2020, I've grown my savings by $30,000+ AND decreased my student debt by over $22,500. 

- Kelly Margerum

create your financial guide with us

$599/ for 5 week program

Gain clarity and master your money so you can live your life.

5 group money sessions with live lessons and facilitated discussions

Small, intimate group size (6 ppl max)  

A safe, confidential space to talk about money 

A proven process for creating more financial freedom

Step by step guidance along the way

Access to our private community

24/7 support from your instructors


If this course doesn’t save you time and money we’ll give you your money back. 

This program might be for you if 

you are already earning income and...

  • You you want to get out of debt as fast as possible

  • You are a successful professional, small business owner or entrepreneur but you still find yourself struggling when it comes to your own finances

  • You want to feel confident and clear about your finances but instead you feel stressed and uncertain

  • You feel like you are financially treading water and aren’t making progress toward your financial goals

  • You make more income than you need but it never seems to stay in your bank account

  • You want to experience more financial freedom in your life and are ready to do what’s necessary to realize that dream

This program is not for you if...

  • You don’t earn enough to meet your living expenses

  • You are looking for investment or legal advice

  • Your goal in signing up is to make more money (this program is about managing the money you already make)

  • You aren’t willing to do the work

  • You expect to get rich quick

Your Instructors

Alsadair Plambeck

Alasdair holds a magna cum laude degree in finance. After building and managing a multi-million dollar start up in San Diego in his early twenties, Alasdair left his job in 2014 to fulfill a personal dream to travel the world, living off the the money he saved and eventually meeting his future wife. He has managed to stay gainfully unemployed ever since (you might even say it’s his full-time job). He’s incorporated his many years of experience as an entrepreneur, traveler and spiritual student into his financial approach. 

Kelly Margerum





The Mindful Money Program is a coaching program for general education only. Information provided by RippleOut Retreats is a suggested course of action. RippleOut Retreats is not a registered investment adviser, attorney, CPA or other financial service professional and does not render legal, tax, accounting, investment advice or other professional services. During the program you will remain 100% responsible at all times for making your own financial decisions.

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