the intention & invitation

For years I've dreamed of being able to bring the people in my life together in one place. A common theme I’ve found while leading retreats with Wild Within is that most people secretly desire more community but struggle to understand where to find it.

This camping trip is an experiment in creating a container to connect friends with new friends…and honestly just to have a bit of fun. At times it feels like life can move from one serious container or task to another and I’d like to intentionally infuse a bit of pure joy back into life. This event is something that I hope to continue to grow and hold space for each year. I’ll be honest a crazy long term vision of this event may or may not be a full out festival style gathering - but that's getting a little ahead of myself.

The plans for the weekend are pretty straightforward.
Come with an open mind to try new things and meet new friends. With a focus on community, I’ve invited a few members in my community to share their gifts with you. You can expect a mix of things during the weekend: yoga, meditation, live music, guided breathwork, pumpkin carving contest... and a few other little surprises.

I’m honored that you might be interested to join us this year and would love to spend a few days in the woods, under the stars and around the campfire with you.

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What questions do you have?

Do you have any allergies/dietary restrictions?



September 30 - October 3

(Thursday - Sunday)

$300 pp

What's Included:

  • Fully Private Campground

  • Outdoor covered pavilion/seating area

  • Facilitated Activities:
    Yoga Classes- Kimie Mittman

    Guided Meditations - Lou Redmond
    Live Music - Max Fishkin, Ethan Arnowitz

    Mobility Workshop - Fernando Coelho

    Guided Breathwork - Lou Redmond
    Creativity Art Workshop - Michelle Black

  • Breakfast and Dinner - I will buy this in bulk for the trip and may need a little help from you for prep/cooking 🙏

  • (Very) Large group firepit

  • Coffee & Tea

  • Bathhouse with outdoor shower and enclosed changing room

  • Outhouse Toilet

  • Outdoor covered kitchen

What's NOT Included:

  • Camping Gear (Tent, Sleeping bag/pad, etc)

  • Lunch or Snacks

  • Water or any other beverages that you want to bring

  • Once you sign up I will email you a list to help with

    knowing what to pack/bring with you


Is drinking permitted?

- Yes, it's welcome BUT this isn't a keg party in the woods. I trust that people can enjoy themselves with a few evening drinks around a fire without overindulging. This is a gathering geared towards meaningful connection and being present - keep this in mind and be responsible. Also note that there will be others attending who choose to live their life without alcohol - being respectful of this will be a requirement.

Will we be at the campsite the whole time?

- As far as what we have planned, it depends! If the weather looks good we'll head out on a hike together and maybe even explore the river. Once we have a better idea of the weather I'll be able to share more details.

What if it rains?

- We will keep an eye on the weather and let you know of any changes to our plans.

How should we get there?

- Carpooling is best as long as you are comfortable with that! Since there is limited parking on site I'll try to link you up with other people in your area. This also is the most eco-friendly way to arrive :)