New Years REtreat

Into the Heart

Join us for an all inclusive 7-day / 6-night retreat to reinvigorate personal practices and kindle your inner fire.

January 12 - 19, 2024


New Years REtreat


Journey deep into the lush jungles of the Guatemalan Highlands and dive into the mystical depths of your heart for 7-days and 6-nights of connection, expansion and transformation.

January 12 - 19, 2024

“The longest journey you will ever take is the 18

inches from your head to your heart.”

-Thich Nhat Hanh


IS for those that long to plunge into the

wisdom and the mysteries of the heart.

Step out of the chaos of everyday life and leave behind what no longer serves. It is time to step into the beating heart of Pachamama for a life-altering journey like no other.

Participate in ancient practices and sacred ceremonies facilitated by experienced and knowledgeable guides that will lead you to the revitalizing and regenerative edges of your deepest desires and heartbreak.


The heart knows no boundaries. It already knows where we must go if only we gather the courage to slow down, be quiet and listen.

For those ready to heed the call,

Mystery beckons you on the adventure of a lifetime.

While we have no idea what your heart has in store for you, we can say this with confidence: venture into the mysteries of your heart and you will not return the same.


Theeco-retreat center is nestled in the forested mountains overlooking thesacred, sapphire waters of Lake Atitlan and its three prehistoricvolcanoes.

Surround yourself in towering emerald-green canopies, the singsong of birds and the gentle whispers of the wind.

Imbibe the extravagant sunrises and sunsets that punctuate the crisp, summer days and magical, starry nights.

Meltaway your tensions in the mayan sauna, cleanse yourself in a fragrantflower bath, wander meandering cobble stoned paths and gaze out acrossthe Sierra Madre from the nest of your hammock.
We will gather in a vibrant, jungle sanctuary cultivated to foster deep spiritual connection.


We have designed our time together to be one long ceremony with the heart of our work centering around our journey with the sacred psilocybin mushrooms facilitated by experienced guides rigorously trained for over three years in an Amazonian shamanic lineage.

In all you will participate in 4 sacred ceremonies:

- We will open the work by honoring the land, invoking spirit and stating our intentions with a traditional Mayan fire ceremony guided by Tomas, a local, indigenous shaman knowledgeable in the old ways

- We will begin gently courting the heart and initiating the relationship with the mushrooms with the help of cacao, a local plant medicine known for it’s heart-opening qualities, in a cacao ceremony with a mushroom microdose.

- We will continue to open the way with a somatic release breathwork ceremony

- After much preparation, we will dive deep into the depths of the heart with a full-dose mushroom ceremony

The Practices

All week, our team of skilled facilitators will aid you in preparing for and integrating your journey with the sacred mushrooms.

You’ll be guided through a variety of carefully curated exercises, meditative practices, and facilitated discussions designed to deepen your experience and guide you to your edges.

You'll learn ancient and modern techniques to commune with nature, tap into your innate wisdom and embrace a more authentic and purpose-driven life.

The COmmunity

We do this work in community.

You will be embraced by a heart-centered sangha of kindred spirits, each on their own unique journey of healing, discovery and connection.

Forge deep connections, share transformative experiences, and create lifelong friendships with like-minded individuals within a community dedicated to supporting your continued unfolding long after the retreat ends.



Shamanic Cacao Ceremony

Mayan Fire Ceremony
Personal Mayan astrology reading with a local shaman & wisdom keeper
Somatic Release Breathwork

Temezcal (Mayan sauna)

Yoga & Meditation

Ecstatic Dance

All meals from local, fresh, whole foods (Vegan/Vegetarian)

Guided Embodiment Practices

Sound Healing


Join us for a 7-day/6-night lodging at an earth-conscious retreat center in the jungle


Sunrise hike with a geologist guide and authentic Guatemalan cooking class with a local. Please add this option to your cart to reserve your spot.


January 12 - 19, 2024

All-Inclusive Retreat

3 meals per day, lodging, facilitated workshops/group activities and full access to the retreat center.

(Transportation is not included)

$2,300 - $2,850

*15% discount off the above rates if you choose

to share a bed as a couple or with a friend*


Where are we going?


What is the work we will be doing?

What is a shamanic cacao ceremony?

Where will we be staying

How do I get there?

What will the food be like?

What will lodging be like?

What will the weather be like?

What will the weather be like?